World Pulse Remix: All the Agents


February 5, 2012

Sutekiko receives a call from Donald on Sunday, indicating that he has a job for her. If she’s available, he would like to discuss it with her at the warehouse. She agrees and says she will make her way over.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, Donald explains the situation to Sutekiko. A drug deal on behalf of Gaspard St. Luc, kingpin of Fourside, went sour just the previous day. What was supposed to be a routine trade of $2,000,000 and a shipment of Pern turned into a bloodbath when freelancer William “the Reaper” Toulaine went rogue, killed everyone present, and took the money and the goods, evidently heading for parts unknown. Gaspard St. Luc has put a $250,000 bounty on his head; Donald requests $50,000 for himself, leaving $200,000 for Sutekiko. Gaspard also wants his money back, but the accent is on the assassination. Sutekiko agrees. Donald indicates that he knows of one of Toulaine’s contacts in town, an old Army buddy by the name of Adam Long, and supposes he might know more about his whereabouts. Sutekiko resolves to investigate.

Sutekiko arrives at the apartment to find the door slightly ajar. Calling and hearing no one, she checks around. The apartment is sparse, though she finds a few pistols stashed in out-of-the-way places. She takes one and continues looking. Finally making her way to the study, she finds a scene of carnage. A corpse, presumably Long’s, tortured and butchered by multiple knife-wielding attackers. After searching for a bit, she notes a conspicuously blank legal pad with a torn front page. Lightly shading it with a pencil, she notes the impression on the paper:

Motel No More Heroes
Santa Destroy

Armed with this information, she moves to leave. Just as she does, she hears someone enter the apartment. She sneaks into the front to note the familiar form of the blue-clad figure she confronted on her first job at Club Minch. She sneaks behind him and knocks him out. She decides to pants him before leaving.

She then tries to interview the neighbors to learn about Adam Long, but to no avail. As she leaves, the man has apparently regained consciousness and stumbles into the hall to confront her. He assumes his “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Transformation!” form but Sutekiko quickly knocks him out. She then decides to pants him again before leaving.

She calls Donald, and after speaking with him, decides to go on the road to Santa Destroy. She calls DJ Inazuma to let him know that she’ll be gone a little while, and then goes home to pack.

She then hits the road. She immediately suffers problems while crossing the Dusty Dunes Desert. While driving down the road on her scooter, she feels an impact hit her in the back and feels the fire. She immediately pulls the scooter to the side of the road and rolls in the dirt to put the fire out. She turns and looks to see a female form atop a broom rushing toward her. She grabs her staff and leaps at the broom-riding figure. As she closes the distance, she notes it is a young girl wearing a school outfit and wielding a wand. She has glasses and a lip piercing, and has obviously modified her uniform to be a little more revealing. An obscure crest sits on the breast.

In an instant, it is done. Sutekiko hits the girl once and she plummets to the ground. Sutekiko searches the girl, finding her wand and a purse that is larger on the inside than the outside. She breaks the wand, takes the purse, and grabs the broom. As she drives down the road, she drops it a distance down the road.

The next few days are fairly quiet. Sutekiko drives as far as she can before stopping at a motel for the night.

Wednesday, as she makes her way on a snowy backroad through the Rocky Mountains, she notices a figure plummeting toward her. She leaps off the bike and moves to parry, but the creature — an enormous, cybernetic, patchwork corpse monster with two enormous Tesla towers on its back — pushes the staff aside. In one fluid motion, he rears his fist back in a haymaker as the towers on his back piston and charge with electricity and follows through, knocking Sutekiko back several feet. Sutekiko manages to get a couple of solid hits in before he does it again, leaving Sutekiko on the verge of unconsciousness. When he leaves himself open, however, she slams the staff into the towers on his back, causing them to overload. The creature falls to the ground, apparently dead.

Sutekiko continues on her way, again stopping for the evening at a motel. She manages to make her way to Santa Destroy on Thursday evening. She arrives at the Motel No More Heroes and begins investigating. She finds her way into room 4 with two swift kicks, but finds nothing of note other than clothes in a duffel bag.

Upon exiting the motel, Sutekiko is confronted by an African-American girl with a sort of goth fashion, a katana, and a white Afro. Once she is convinced that Sutekiko hasn’t come to do something stupid regarding Travis Touchdown, she indicates that her name is Shinobu, and that her Master, as she calls Travis, is away. She also notes that Sutekiko would not be worthy to meet him anyway. She also asks if Sutekiko wrote Travis a letter before she leaves.

Alone again, Sutekiko takes a position on the roof to watch for Toulaine’s return.

After a couple of hours, Sutekiko is suddenly attacked by a ragged man with knives. After a grim fight in which she is cut several times, she prevails.

Finally, a man with a graying beard matching the description of William “the Reaper” Toulaine arrives, and cautiously investigates the broken door. Sutekiko leaps from her perch, and immediately enters into combat with Toulaine. The two guns in his hands are supplemented by two robotic arms, also with guns. He opens fire, but she manages to dodge and take him down with her staff. She then drags him into his room, and using one of the abandoned knives from the unknown assailant, cuts off his robotic arms as proof of the kill. She then washes up and finds a place to stay for the night.

Upon awakening the next morning, she recalls she didn’t look for the money. When she drives past the motel, she finds it swarming with police, so she decides to say that she didn’t find it. She then begins to make the long journey home.

She arrives back in Fourside on the following Monday, presenting the trophies to Donald and telling him that she did not find the money. He says he will speak to Gaspard and hopefully get the reward money to her in the next few days. Sutekiko then calls DJ Inazuma and they hang out while she recounts her adventure to him.



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