World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Feed Your Head

December 1, 2011

Sutekiko receives an email from her Craigslist advert asking if she would be interested in performing a bodyguard job in nearby Fourside. She replies, indicating that she would be interested. The person responds to reveal that he is DJ Inazuma, and a rivalry with another DJ is getting more intense such that he understands he may be attacked at his own show. He offers $1,000. Sutekiko agrees to meet him on Saturday before the show.

On Saturday, Sutekiko drives her scooter to Fourside and cases the surrounding streets before knocking on the side door of Club Minch, a refurbished warehouse-turned-dance-club. A staff member greets her at the back before DJ Inazuma says that she is supposed to be there, inviting her inside. After getting her a Coke, he explains that his rival, DJ Dukhan, may be trying to take him out, and would she be able to prevent this? She agrees, and decides to look around for vantage points, making note of the bathrooms and suchlike. She decides to mingle in the crowd, but once the place starts to get packed, she’ll move to the catwalk above the dance floor.

People start to filter in without incident, and though she engages in some minor conversations, she mostly keeps an eye on her quarry. Finally, she moves to the catwalk to observe the dance floor and the stage. Things are fairly mundane for a couple of hours, filled with the typical dancing, boozing, and drugging, when she notes a figure clad in blue making a beeline for the stage. Activating her staff, she jumps down to confront him.

When she warns him that she will be forced to take action if he tries anything, he downs a pill, throws out his hand, and shouts, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Transformation!” He suddenly becomes more muscular and his hair becomes more spiky and lighter in colour. She quickly delivers a blow to his knees, dropping him to the ground. When he makes it apparent that he will not stop, and starts to glow, she strikes him again on the chest, knocking him unconscious.

DJ Inazuma calls the police, and after a few minutes, police and ambulances arrive. Sutekiko is taken away for questioning, but when the police determine that she acted in a manner of self-defense, they let her go and a police officer drives her back to Club Minch. Once there, she finds DJ Inazuma, who asks her to take care of DJ Dukhan for an extra $500. She agrees, and he indicates that DJ Dukhan may be at the Topolla Theater, seeing a Venus show. Sutekiko hops back on her scooter and goes to the Topolla Theater.

The show is letting out as she arrives, and she spots her quarry. She approaches him and warns him against pulling any of this stuff with DJ Inazuma again, but he acts like he doesn’t know to what she is referring, and gets into a taxi with his group. She calls DJ Inazuma, who asks her to take care of things more physically. She follows the taxi, and when it drops DJ Dukhan and a lady friend off at an apartment complex, Sutekiko goes inside. Pulling the woman aside to separate her from DJ Dukhan, she aims a kick at his genitals. Missing, he runs and she gives chase, quickly catching up to slam him in the back with her staff. He falls, and she leaves the scene.

Calling DJ Inazuma, he agrees to meet her at Jackie’s CafĂ© with the money. Arriving there, he gives her a messenger bag with $1,500, and gets her a milkshake. She decides to come see his show sometime when she can enjoy it, and he leaves, indicating that the two will keep in touch. Since it is late, she decides to get a hotel room for the night before returning home the next day.



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