World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Fight Club

December 15, 2011

Sutekiko receives a vague email about meeting some people in Fourside by the waterfront. She sends a similarly vague reply, and prepares herself to go into the city over the weekend.

On Saturday, she arrives at the waterfront to find two thugs flanking an older, Irish gentleman. He explains that he is interested in hiring her for some work, but since he does not know her and has heard that she had some problems in the desert, he would like her to prove herself first. He starts by asking to see her right hook, and when she strikes him, he seems very surprised. He invites her to fight one of his best boxers this evening, and she agrees; if she wins, he should have some work for her. She leaves and kills some time in Fourside with DJ Inazuma before going to the warehouse where the man said to meet her.

Upon arriving that evening, the man at the door lets her enter, and she speaks to Donald Flanagan, the older man to whom she spoke earlier. He lets Sutekiko prepare herself, then challenges her to the aforementioned boxing match against Frankie the Fist. When she steps into the ring, Frankie manages to peg her a couple of times and is obviously powerful, but after a solid first hit she is able to run circles around him and knock him out with a series of quick jabs.

Donald, again impressed, sees to it that she gets water and talks to her. First, he explains that the difficulty with the Star Children likely results from the current state of Fourside. In the mid-1990s, Monotoli ruled the city through backroom dealings and mob connections. Then, overnight, he turned a new leaf, giving to the poor and generically supporting the city for the better. Donald and his men used to be his muscle, and as such, were out of a job when he went legit. Even so, they harbored no ill will against him. Persistent rumors suggest that Ness Montague was somehow responsible for his transformation, but the truth of that is unknown. At any rate, after Monotoli finally passed away a few years ago, his protégé Aloysius Minch found a protégé of his own, Gaspard St. Luc, who is now the most powerful man in the city. Everybody has to pay protection to him — including Donald and his men — and that’s likely why the police refused to deal with the Star Children; as they were likely paying protection to Gaspard, the police were instructed not to touch them.

Donald then explains the job he wants Sutekiko to do. A street chemist and drug dealer named Jimmy Timms has apparently been selling hard drugs to minors, which Donald considers very unfortunate. He wants Sutekiko to take him out. He has additionally heard that he still has some loyal gangsters, and that rumor indicates that he has chemically altered himself to become more fearsome. The latter he tends to disbelieve, though he still mentions it for full disclosure. He then offers to reimburse Sutekiko if she wishes to stay in Fourside for the night or get anything to eat, and further instructs her to come by the warehouse if she completes the job tomorrow, or to contact him if she does it on another day. Once completed, he will pay her $10,000. She thanks him and stays around for a little bit, to see how Frankie is doing after he awakens. Then, she bids Donald good night and finds a hotel room for the evening.

The next day, she goes to the tenement buildings where Jimmy Timms resides to scout. After looking around a bit, she just decides to enter and do the job right then. She finds a small, rat-faced man at a front desk, and tries to bow her head and look unassuming. She notes a couple of toughs, likely standing guard. She says she wants to meet Jimmy and get some stuff, but the guy seems reluctant to let her enter with her staff and shield. As she goes to put everything away, she takes him out with the staff and turns on the other thugs in the foyer. Though armed with guns, she manages to take both out untouched, despite the fact that one manages to fire off a round, and start to go upstairs. When she hears people coming down the stairs, she tries the other stairwell to realize that they are coming down both stairs. She fights her way through them, leaving bloodied corpses behind. Those who surrender and give her information are allowed to flee, while the others die horribly. Even those shots that do manage to hit her bounce harmlessly off the field projected by her staff, further projecting the image of an invincible killing machine.

When she finally reaches the top floor, she is greeted by a very heavy chemical smell along with a slight man dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, as well as three more of the guards. After dispatching them, she approaches the man, assuming that he is Jimmy Timms. When he raises his gun against her, she smashes it out of his hand and breaks his arm, jabbing her staff at his throat. Before she can react, however, he glows intensely and brightly, though she manages to shut her eyes at just the right time. In the ensuing struggle, he tries to spit on her, which she easily dodges and the resultant drool burns a hole through the floor, and he produces electricity which she also manages to evade. Tired of trying to parley with him, she sweeps his legs out from under him. He cracks his head on the floor as he falls, dying in the process. Sutekiko sends a text message to Donald to ask if he needs anything from the store — their code regarding this kill — and he replies that he broke a glass. She takes a piece of glassware and sends Donald a picture of Jimmy’s broken arm. After washing up in a bathroom and donning an overcoat, she returns to the warehouse and meets with Donald.

He indicates that he wanted something personal as proof of the kill, but he sent somebody around and confirmed Jimmy’s death. She then takes the opportunity to shower, and receives her $10,000 in a small briefcase. She hangs out a bit, and the two parties agree to talk to each other for future business before she leaves to return home.



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