World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Southern Hospitality

January 7, 2012

Jake Starsky, Magnanimous, Sergei Konstantinov, and Sutekiko all receive contact from government liaisons, indicating that there is an emergency hostage situation which requires their immediate attention. They will receive $100,000, but would need to leave immediately and will not have an opportunity to reconsider this job if they refuse. All accept, learning about a hostage situation in Texas, and all move to make their preparations and board planes.

Upon arriving in Texas, all meet Agent Sam Murach, who explains that a group calling itself the Mexican Heritage Front has entered the small town of Freedom, taking the residents hostage. Led by Jose Ramirez — going by his wrestling name Arma Muestran — the group is now trapped in town by the National Guard blockade that has been established outside of town. The United States government wants a team of agents to enter the town and deal with the situation more quietly than a full military action would.

With everybody briefed, the group is transported to Freedom, Texas. Once there, they find it quiet, with only a few people milling about. They decide to go to the bar, and when they find it guarded by Mexican gangsters who start to question them, the gangsters are quickly dispatched by the assembled group, particularly through the use of Jake’s savage hatchet and Sergei’s immense strength. When they enter the bar, they find a group of hostages taken by Mexican gangsters. Again, the gangsters cannot stand before their might. Once violently dispatched, Jake asks the hostages to serve him beer. Then, the others quietly usher them out.

As the group is about to leave to investigate the rest of the town, another group of gangsters enters, along with a child and a small, reptilian creature. While Magnanimous and Sergei kill the gangsters, Jake and Sutekiko go after the thing, recognized to be a chupacabra. After Jake splits it in half, the child runs and Jake runs after him, cutting him down in the street.

With the gangsters killed, the group leaves the bar to follow Jake. Out of one of the buildings comes a muscular man in luchador garb, his clothing bearing the colors of the Mexican flag. An athletic woman with long hair also comes out after him, holding a gun to the head of a small child, indicating that this is only fair. Magnanimous warns them against it before battle is joined. Magnanimous uses his Mag-Harness to disarm the woman, though she seems able to arm herself as quickly as he can disarm her. The others, meanwhile, focus their attacks on the man. After an explosion sounds in the distance, a brief parley causes the battle to be rejoined. After struggling with Sutekiko, the luchador is finally dispatched when Jake swings his axe upwards, messily bisecting him. After the woman has been completely disarmed by Magnanimous, she runs, only to be cut down by Jake. The remaining gangsters almost instantly surrender.

After contacting Sam Murach about the surrender of the gangsters, he asks them to investigate the seismic activity in the area. They go to where they saw the explosion to find a crater leading down into a cave. They consider investigating when three robotic beings — two octopoid, metallic things and a large, bulbous object on a tripod — exit and attack. Magnanimous manages to weaken the two octopoid things by slamming them together, and the rest of the group dispatches them after the bulbous thing begins repairing one of the damaged robots. After the two are dispatched, the bulbous thing is destroyed, only to explode once it is trashed. The wounded party again contacts Sam, returning to base to await the delivery of some medical treatment. After an Instant Revitalizing Device is brought for them and everybody has an opportunity to use it, they return to the crater site. The arrive to find three humanoid figures, apparently made out of some seamless, almost liquid metal. One is gold in color and the other two are silver. The gold one orders everyone to halt and relinquish control of the area, prompting the assassins to engage in combat with them. During the ensuing fight, Sergei focuses on the gold robotic creature while the others primarily focus on the silver one. The battle is long, but the silver robots are finally destroyed, leaving only the gold one. Despite the defeat of Sergei at the hands of the gold robot through the use of several shots from a beam, the group manages to kill the gold robot. Noting that he is still barely alive, he is quickly transported to the Instant Revitalizing Device where he is treated. Once Sam Murach is contacted again, he indicates that the National Guard will engage in cleanup. He also explains, when asked, that he does not know what the robots were — particularly strange since Sergei could not recognize whatever military manufactured the things.

With their job done, the group is paid and is sent back to their respective homes, their job successful.



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