World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Violation of Treaty

January 29, 2012

Sutekiko awakens to see that she fell asleep and slept through the night. She sees a missed call from DJ Inazuma, and calls him back to apologize and ask about possibly hanging out later in the day. Shortly thereafter, Agent Murach calls her to ask about meeting to discuss the previous night. Sutekiko agrees.

They meet in the park, as usual. Agent Murach explains that the Japanese government has been recruiting psychics since before the release of the PSI Papers. Whereas the United States has primarily made use of mercenary forces in the modern day, the Japanese government attempts to keep a standing army of these conscripts. Agent Murach also asks if she might be interested in taking Hashimoto Masuyo as a guest until her family arrives from Japan; Sutekiko reluctantly agrees, and Agent Murach says he will let her know if that is necessary. Agent Murach then gives Sutekiko a case with $50,000 and the recovered beam staff.

When Sutekiko returns home, she contacts DJ Inazuma and they hang out.

The rest of the week is fairly quiet. Sutekiko manages to work at Kawaii Corner on Monday and Tuesday, meet with Agent Murach to get confirmation for Thursday’s job. She trains at the warehouse in the afternoons, returning Donald’s beam staff to him, and spends Thursday resting. In the afternoon, she meets with Agent Murach and transfers to a hotel room by the waterfront, expecting the boat around midnight or 1 AM.

As time draws nigh, Sutekiko gets outfitted with earbud, microphone, and camera. She also receives a map of the frigate, though Agent Murach warns her that he does not know how extensively this ship may have been modified. As per her instructions, she is to keep things quiet to recover the Flying Dutchman, the mysterious man with a letter “T” on his face. If things go south, a team will be sent in for retrieval.

When the frigate arrives, Sutekiko gets into position. She manages to sneak past all the guards and smugglers on board unnoticed. Not seeing the Flying Dutchman on the bridge, she sneaks down belowdecks, and sees the crew moving crates and loose Persian rugs. As she moves near the cargo hold, she hears a gruff voice ordering men around. She darts through the door and hides behind some crates to get a better look. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the crew, she sees an older man clad in rags. His hair and beard are long and greying, and his rags have the look of an 18th century pirate captain. In fact, his bearing matches, including his accent. He also has a “T” branded into his face. Sutekiko notes that he has a large array of lenses over his left eye, as well as a featureless metal bracer on his left arm and two featureless metal rods strapped to his belt.

Figuring that this is the man, Sutekiko leaps from cover to confront him. He pulls the two rods while two of the crew drop their loads and pull out their pistols. Sutekiko fells the first crewman while the other attacks, his shot going wide. The presumed Flying Dutchman enters into melee with her, his featureless rods appearing as beam katanas. She manages to parry his assault, felling the second crewman as the Dutchman leaps backward. Sutekiko focuses on taking out the crewmen who come to defend the Dutchman until he fires a laser bolt from his beam katana, annihilating her force field and giving her a minor laser burn. She leaps into combat with him, though when she takes him down, she accidentally kills him, though she meant to take him alive. She flings him over her shoulder and runs back up to the deck, easily defeating the smugglers who try to oppose her.

As she arrives on the deck, NATO troops are already securing the boat. She places the Dutchman’s body on the deck, and finds Agent Murach for debriefing and her $150,000 payment. After getting patched up by medics on-site, she goes home to rest.

The next two days, she rests and goes to see some of DJ Inazuma’s shows, hanging out with him afterward.



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