Agent Sam Murach


Little is known about Agent Murach. What is apparent is that he acts as a liason between the United States government and the assassins that protect its interests. It is not known how he chooses the “freelancers” he approaches, nor is it known who finances him. He does, however, appear cleared to offer large sums of money to enterprising assassins.

Among other targets, he appears to have added Sutekiko to his list of contacts. His only known operation, other than recruiting her, involved sending a group of assassins to clean a crisis in Freedom, Texas.

Since the crisis in Freedom, he has involved her in a couple of operations in the Fourside area. Despite working with Sutekiko, he is still a mysterious figure. Sutekiko has some level of trust in him, but is it accurate or misplaced?

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

Timothy Dugan. ModelMayhem. Retrieved November 13, 2009 from [original picture no longer exists on the server, though this particular model’s page still exists]

Agent Sam Murach

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