Super Awesome Princess of Ass-Kick


So, like, Sutekiko (real name withheld because 1 – none of your business and 2 – it is probably lame) is just a community college student, right, but with a pretty OK gig at Kawaii Corner, pretty much the best anime shop in Fourside. But then one day she found this sweet ass staff thing in a thrift shop and the world changed.

She’d been pretty damn inspired by the UAA and had been practicing martial arts and general ass kicking in her parents’ back yard. Now with the staff thing, everything seems to be infinitely more cool. Cooler. Shit.

So she’s going out in the world and is making some serious bank for herself taking contracts and making little bitches cry. But not, like, actual dog bitches, because that would be animal cruelty and that would be wrong. It hasn’t been all ass kicking and games, some stuff has gotten pretty serious and scary, but clearly the universe knows what’s up and has decided that it just couldn’t go on without Sutekiko’s awesomeness, otherwise it’d implode or something.

Personal heroes include Lara Croft, Hit Girl, Rubi Malone.

Sutekiko. Cool Kid. Gonna kick your sorry ass if you don’t watch out (and the money’s right).


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