World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Southern Hospitality

January 7, 2012

Jake Starsky, Magnanimous, Sergei Konstantinov, and Sutekiko all receive contact from government liaisons, indicating that there is an emergency hostage situation which requires their immediate attention. They will receive $100,000, but would need to leave immediately and will not have an opportunity to reconsider this job if they refuse. All accept, learning about a hostage situation in Texas, and all move to make their preparations and board planes.

Upon arriving in Texas, all meet Agent Sam Murach, who explains that a group calling itself the Mexican Heritage Front has entered the small town of Freedom, taking the residents hostage. Led by Jose Ramirez — going by his wrestling name Arma Muestran — the group is now trapped in town by the National Guard blockade that has been established outside of town. The United States government wants a team of agents to enter the town and deal with the situation more quietly than a full military action would.

With everybody briefed, the group is transported to Freedom, Texas. Once there, they find it quiet, with only a few people milling about. They decide to go to the bar, and when they find it guarded by Mexican gangsters who start to question them, the gangsters are quickly dispatched by the assembled group, particularly through the use of Jake’s savage hatchet and Sergei’s immense strength. When they enter the bar, they find a group of hostages taken by Mexican gangsters. Again, the gangsters cannot stand before their might. Once violently dispatched, Jake asks the hostages to serve him beer. Then, the others quietly usher them out.

As the group is about to leave to investigate the rest of the town, another group of gangsters enters, along with a child and a small, reptilian creature. While Magnanimous and Sergei kill the gangsters, Jake and Sutekiko go after the thing, recognized to be a chupacabra. After Jake splits it in half, the child runs and Jake runs after him, cutting him down in the street.

With the gangsters killed, the group leaves the bar to follow Jake. Out of one of the buildings comes a muscular man in luchador garb, his clothing bearing the colors of the Mexican flag. An athletic woman with long hair also comes out after him, holding a gun to the head of a small child, indicating that this is only fair. Magnanimous warns them against it before battle is joined. Magnanimous uses his Mag-Harness to disarm the woman, though she seems able to arm herself as quickly as he can disarm her. The others, meanwhile, focus their attacks on the man. After an explosion sounds in the distance, a brief parley causes the battle to be rejoined. After struggling with Sutekiko, the luchador is finally dispatched when Jake swings his axe upwards, messily bisecting him. After the woman has been completely disarmed by Magnanimous, she runs, only to be cut down by Jake. The remaining gangsters almost instantly surrender.

After contacting Sam Murach about the surrender of the gangsters, he asks them to investigate the seismic activity in the area. They go to where they saw the explosion to find a crater leading down into a cave. They consider investigating when three robotic beings — two octopoid, metallic things and a large, bulbous object on a tripod — exit and attack. Magnanimous manages to weaken the two octopoid things by slamming them together, and the rest of the group dispatches them after the bulbous thing begins repairing one of the damaged robots. After the two are dispatched, the bulbous thing is destroyed, only to explode once it is trashed. The wounded party again contacts Sam, returning to base to await the delivery of some medical treatment. After an Instant Revitalizing Device is brought for them and everybody has an opportunity to use it, they return to the crater site. The arrive to find three humanoid figures, apparently made out of some seamless, almost liquid metal. One is gold in color and the other two are silver. The gold one orders everyone to halt and relinquish control of the area, prompting the assassins to engage in combat with them. During the ensuing fight, Sergei focuses on the gold robotic creature while the others primarily focus on the silver one. The battle is long, but the silver robots are finally destroyed, leaving only the gold one. Despite the defeat of Sergei at the hands of the gold robot through the use of several shots from a beam, the group manages to kill the gold robot. Noting that he is still barely alive, he is quickly transported to the Instant Revitalizing Device where he is treated. Once Sam Murach is contacted again, he indicates that the National Guard will engage in cleanup. He also explains, when asked, that he does not know what the robots were — particularly strange since Sergei could not recognize whatever military manufactured the things.

With their job done, the group is paid and is sent back to their respective homes, their job successful.

Fight Club

December 15, 2011

Sutekiko receives a vague email about meeting some people in Fourside by the waterfront. She sends a similarly vague reply, and prepares herself to go into the city over the weekend.

On Saturday, she arrives at the waterfront to find two thugs flanking an older, Irish gentleman. He explains that he is interested in hiring her for some work, but since he does not know her and has heard that she had some problems in the desert, he would like her to prove herself first. He starts by asking to see her right hook, and when she strikes him, he seems very surprised. He invites her to fight one of his best boxers this evening, and she agrees; if she wins, he should have some work for her. She leaves and kills some time in Fourside with DJ Inazuma before going to the warehouse where the man said to meet her.

Upon arriving that evening, the man at the door lets her enter, and she speaks to Donald Flanagan, the older man to whom she spoke earlier. He lets Sutekiko prepare herself, then challenges her to the aforementioned boxing match against Frankie the Fist. When she steps into the ring, Frankie manages to peg her a couple of times and is obviously powerful, but after a solid first hit she is able to run circles around him and knock him out with a series of quick jabs.

Donald, again impressed, sees to it that she gets water and talks to her. First, he explains that the difficulty with the Star Children likely results from the current state of Fourside. In the mid-1990s, Monotoli ruled the city through backroom dealings and mob connections. Then, overnight, he turned a new leaf, giving to the poor and generically supporting the city for the better. Donald and his men used to be his muscle, and as such, were out of a job when he went legit. Even so, they harbored no ill will against him. Persistent rumors suggest that Ness Montague was somehow responsible for his transformation, but the truth of that is unknown. At any rate, after Monotoli finally passed away a few years ago, his protégé Aloysius Minch found a protégé of his own, Gaspard St. Luc, who is now the most powerful man in the city. Everybody has to pay protection to him — including Donald and his men — and that’s likely why the police refused to deal with the Star Children; as they were likely paying protection to Gaspard, the police were instructed not to touch them.

Donald then explains the job he wants Sutekiko to do. A street chemist and drug dealer named Jimmy Timms has apparently been selling hard drugs to minors, which Donald considers very unfortunate. He wants Sutekiko to take him out. He has additionally heard that he still has some loyal gangsters, and that rumor indicates that he has chemically altered himself to become more fearsome. The latter he tends to disbelieve, though he still mentions it for full disclosure. He then offers to reimburse Sutekiko if she wishes to stay in Fourside for the night or get anything to eat, and further instructs her to come by the warehouse if she completes the job tomorrow, or to contact him if she does it on another day. Once completed, he will pay her $10,000. She thanks him and stays around for a little bit, to see how Frankie is doing after he awakens. Then, she bids Donald good night and finds a hotel room for the evening.

The next day, she goes to the tenement buildings where Jimmy Timms resides to scout. After looking around a bit, she just decides to enter and do the job right then. She finds a small, rat-faced man at a front desk, and tries to bow her head and look unassuming. She notes a couple of toughs, likely standing guard. She says she wants to meet Jimmy and get some stuff, but the guy seems reluctant to let her enter with her staff and shield. As she goes to put everything away, she takes him out with the staff and turns on the other thugs in the foyer. Though armed with guns, she manages to take both out untouched, despite the fact that one manages to fire off a round, and start to go upstairs. When she hears people coming down the stairs, she tries the other stairwell to realize that they are coming down both stairs. She fights her way through them, leaving bloodied corpses behind. Those who surrender and give her information are allowed to flee, while the others die horribly. Even those shots that do manage to hit her bounce harmlessly off the field projected by her staff, further projecting the image of an invincible killing machine.

When she finally reaches the top floor, she is greeted by a very heavy chemical smell along with a slight man dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, as well as three more of the guards. After dispatching them, she approaches the man, assuming that he is Jimmy Timms. When he raises his gun against her, she smashes it out of his hand and breaks his arm, jabbing her staff at his throat. Before she can react, however, he glows intensely and brightly, though she manages to shut her eyes at just the right time. In the ensuing struggle, he tries to spit on her, which she easily dodges and the resultant drool burns a hole through the floor, and he produces electricity which she also manages to evade. Tired of trying to parley with him, she sweeps his legs out from under him. He cracks his head on the floor as he falls, dying in the process. Sutekiko sends a text message to Donald to ask if he needs anything from the store — their code regarding this kill — and he replies that he broke a glass. She takes a piece of glassware and sends Donald a picture of Jimmy’s broken arm. After washing up in a bathroom and donning an overcoat, she returns to the warehouse and meets with Donald.

He indicates that he wanted something personal as proof of the kill, but he sent somebody around and confirmed Jimmy’s death. She then takes the opportunity to shower, and receives her $10,000 in a small briefcase. She hangs out a bit, and the two parties agree to talk to each other for future business before she leaves to return home.

Mandate of Heaven

December 9, 2011

Sutekiko receives a phone call from DJ Inazuma, indicating that there is some sort of rescue mission, and would she be interested in meeting him in Fourside this weekend. She agrees, and when the time comes, they meet in Jackie’s Café. With DJ Inazuma is his neighbor, Amy Sanchez, who was looking for help to find her missing daughter. It turns out that her daughter disappeared, and after hunting around, she learned that her daughter joined some group called the Star Children, apparently living in a commune out in the Dusty Dunes Desert. When she contacted the police, they vaguely brushed her off and refused to do anything. In response, she and a few other parents who have lost children to the commune pooled their money together and decided to hire someone. That someone was Sutekiko.

Sutekiko asked if there are pictures of these children, and Mrs. Sanchez says that she only has pictures of her own children, but can get some of the others. After she leaves, Inazuma explains that pictures probably aren’t necessary, as the teenagers will probably be young, scared, and noncombative — or at least not as combative as the hardcore members of the cult. Additionally, the kids are all aged about 16 to 20, and all told, the group looking for their lost children has $2,000 to contribute. Sutekiko says that she probably won’t take the money, though. Finally, DJ Inazuma explains that the leader is some guy named Leroy Abrams, who claims to be immortal. After some discussion and a brief walk, Sutekiko and DJ Inazuma return to Jackie’s Café. Mrs. Sanchez returns with appropriate pictures. Sutekiko looks over them to memorize them, then decides to go into the desert to take care of the situation. DJ Inazuma tells her to call him when she is finished.

Sutekiko rides out into the desert before finally seeing the rickety, expansive buildings of the Star Children’s commune in the distance. With night falling, she hides the bike behind some scrub brush, then stealthily approaches the compound. Before reaching the entrance, she is spotted, by a kid with a flashlight, who tells her to be careful out here and to come in. She enters, coming to a place where she hears music. The music having stopped by her arrival, she enters a room where several people are talking, mostly crowded around a man with crazed eyes holding a guitar. His head is shaved, as are the heads of a few people in the audience, and he looks at her as she enters. After asking her about what brings her here, he starts to sing a song about a rainbow come from across the desert to deliver love when she starts “dancing,” truly looking for an opportunity to slam him with her staff. When she does so, she tries to play it off as an accident, but he doesn’t believe her, calling for help instead. The two girls with shaved heads jump into the fray, one pulling out a beam katana, and after struggling against her and the group of teenagers, two more people enter the room. One, impossibly large and wielding a double chainsaw, rushes in, followed by a female form with distinctly lizard-like scales and spikes. As they surround her, the other kids move out of the way. Despite her valiant fight, the woman with the beam katana and the man with the double chainsaw manage to overpower her, with a swing of the chainsaw being the last thing she sees.

She awakens, in great pain, naked, tied up on the floor of a featureless room. After getting her bearings and noting a high window in the room, as well as the fact that sunlight is entering, she wriggles free of her bonds and ponders what to do next when the door starts to open. The young man who brought her in the previous night enters, and is about to leave in an alarmed fashion when she convinces him to keep quiet. She then explains that she was just coming to help as the families of the teens here are so distraught that they would send someone such as herself to try to save them. Seemingly unaware that his parents were even looking for him, he agrees not to tell her anything and gives her his gun. He then says he will try to return with things for her. After he leaves, she writes a note in mud on the wall indicating that she will return and then slips out the window.

After sneaking through the desert, she finally comes to the road and waits for a car to pass. She flags down the driver, who immediately takes her to the police station in Fourside. The police then transfer her to the hospital, where she is given morphine and treated for her injuries. She calls DJ Inazuma to let him know that things did not go well and that she won’t be taking the money. She then goes to sleep.

After awakening, she rests for a while before noting an older, suited man watching her through her window. He walks away when he sees that she notices him, and she tries to follow. When she loses him, she tells the front desk about the intruder and returns to her room. Police ask her about her encounter in the desert, and then take her to the police station to be processed. Once her testimony is finalized, the suited man reappears, indicating that he is Sam Murach with the United States government. He again asks her about her testimony, and afterwards, asks if she is interested in taking any jobs for the government, as per her typical arrangement. She is initially vague, but afterward says she will consider it. He says he will contact her later. She also asks if her things may be recovered, and he agrees to do so when the Star Children are dealt with. She is then taken home.

Within a few days, her Vespa, staff, and shield are returned, though she never hears about any raid on the compound. When she speaks to DJ Inazuma later, he says that the children were returned, but that he knows little details about whatever happened. In any event, the Star Children are no more.

Feed Your Head

December 1, 2011

Sutekiko receives an email from her Craigslist advert asking if she would be interested in performing a bodyguard job in nearby Fourside. She replies, indicating that she would be interested. The person responds to reveal that he is DJ Inazuma, and a rivalry with another DJ is getting more intense such that he understands he may be attacked at his own show. He offers $1,000. Sutekiko agrees to meet him on Saturday before the show.

On Saturday, Sutekiko drives her scooter to Fourside and cases the surrounding streets before knocking on the side door of Club Minch, a refurbished warehouse-turned-dance-club. A staff member greets her at the back before DJ Inazuma says that she is supposed to be there, inviting her inside. After getting her a Coke, he explains that his rival, DJ Dukhan, may be trying to take him out, and would she be able to prevent this? She agrees, and decides to look around for vantage points, making note of the bathrooms and suchlike. She decides to mingle in the crowd, but once the place starts to get packed, she’ll move to the catwalk above the dance floor.

People start to filter in without incident, and though she engages in some minor conversations, she mostly keeps an eye on her quarry. Finally, she moves to the catwalk to observe the dance floor and the stage. Things are fairly mundane for a couple of hours, filled with the typical dancing, boozing, and drugging, when she notes a figure clad in blue making a beeline for the stage. Activating her staff, she jumps down to confront him.

When she warns him that she will be forced to take action if he tries anything, he downs a pill, throws out his hand, and shouts, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Transformation!” He suddenly becomes more muscular and his hair becomes more spiky and lighter in colour. She quickly delivers a blow to his knees, dropping him to the ground. When he makes it apparent that he will not stop, and starts to glow, she strikes him again on the chest, knocking him unconscious.

DJ Inazuma calls the police, and after a few minutes, police and ambulances arrive. Sutekiko is taken away for questioning, but when the police determine that she acted in a manner of self-defense, they let her go and a police officer drives her back to Club Minch. Once there, she finds DJ Inazuma, who asks her to take care of DJ Dukhan for an extra $500. She agrees, and he indicates that DJ Dukhan may be at the Topolla Theater, seeing a Venus show. Sutekiko hops back on her scooter and goes to the Topolla Theater.

The show is letting out as she arrives, and she spots her quarry. She approaches him and warns him against pulling any of this stuff with DJ Inazuma again, but he acts like he doesn’t know to what she is referring, and gets into a taxi with his group. She calls DJ Inazuma, who asks her to take care of things more physically. She follows the taxi, and when it drops DJ Dukhan and a lady friend off at an apartment complex, Sutekiko goes inside. Pulling the woman aside to separate her from DJ Dukhan, she aims a kick at his genitals. Missing, he runs and she gives chase, quickly catching up to slam him in the back with her staff. He falls, and she leaves the scene.

Calling DJ Inazuma, he agrees to meet her at Jackie’s Café with the money. Arriving there, he gives her a messenger bag with $1,500, and gets her a milkshake. She decides to come see his show sometime when she can enjoy it, and he leaves, indicating that the two will keep in touch. Since it is late, she decides to get a hotel room for the night before returning home the next day.


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