A Slightly More Detailed History of the World

After a surge in crime and cult activity in 1993 and 1994, Dr. Lloyd Andonuts of Winters, England published the PSI Papers”. Revealing the existence of psychic phenomena, along with his own research into theoretical technologies, the PSI Papers revolutionized the scientific community. These papers also noted the good doctor’s “test subjects;” four teenagers who successfully fought crime and defeated the flagship of an alien invasion fleet during 1994. Known as the “PSI Four,” the group of teenagers became heroes and overnight sensations. They went on talk shows, did interviews, got scholarships, and generally received lots of academic and celebrity attention. The leader of the group, Ness Montague, was particularly powerful; in a reference to Watchmen, someone made the comment of him, “God exists, and he’s an American.”

The revolution in technological advancement, psychology, biology, and various other fields also helped promote world peace, particularly when a sharp decrease in crime was noted during the end of 1994 and throughout 1995. This push toward peace was finally achieved in 1998, when all world governments officially ended their conflicts and disagreements by treaty.

By 2002, a network of intercontinental expressways opened, reducing reliance on air travel and promoting global unity. By 2003, all nuclear research was banned as alternate energy sources became more heavily used. The remaining nuclear waste was deposited at the Gibsoft Facility in the Indian Ocean to be housed and processed. In a final display of unity, all countries launched their missiles outside Earth’s atmosphere and detonated them. Known as the “”/campaign/world-pulse-remix/wikis/missile-shows" class=“wiki-page-link”> Missile Shows," these detonations were considered a symbol of lasting peace.

However, on September 11 of that same year, a terrorist attack disrupted the U.N. signing of the World Security Treaty. A suicide bomber from the group known as Heaven Smile attacked the ceremony, detonating his explosives and killing several foreign dignitaries. Chaos erupted, and the efforts of peace were undone almost overnight as nations angrily pointed fingers in an attempt to determine the culprit. Persistent rumor suggests that the U.N. tasked the PSI Four with combating the Heaven Smile, but the high-profile attacks continued nonetheless.

In late 2004, Ness Montague publicly accused the United Nations or some of its member nations of having secret ties to Heaven Smile, and of using a clandestine assassin organization called the “”/campaign/world-pulse-remix/wikis/the-smith-syndicate" class=“wiki-page-link”> Smith Syndicate" to combat the menace. Amid the outrage, the U.N. claimed that Ness himself is dangerously delusional and would aid the terrorists with treasonous speech. When he refused to silence himself, the U.N. called for his arrest. Ness Montague disappeared and has not been heard from since. However, the United Nations keeps his name on a watch list, and recent evidence suggests that he may actually be using the Heaven Smile to further his own ecoterrorist agenda; whether he has always been in control of them or simply gained control and uses them to further his own ends is unknown. Persistent rumor suggests that the other members of the PSI Four are still in contact with Ness, though this has never been proven. To this day, tabloids still report Ness sightings across the country and the world.

By 2007, the tensions worldwide have prompted an increase in the number of mercenaries and private assassin groups. Nobody was quite worried about World War III yet, but the notion of several dozen brushfire conflicts across the globe kept everybody alert. With several economies struggling and crime on the rise, several countries have allowed public bloodsport, like the kind seen in Rome and other ancient civilizations, to return. These official battles see that a lot of money changes hands, and can even be viewed on television by people with the right premium packages. Though heavily opposed by special interest groups, these matches became quite popular and are considered a way to get rich quick (and any proceeds that would go to a dead contestant usually go to the families) as well as a good way to relieve stress without getting innocent citizens involved. The most famous assassin from these battles, the UAA’s “Crownless King” Travis Touchdown, is still a folk hero on the West Coast, subject to local legends in much the same vein as the archetypal sleeping emperor (repeated in some cultures as Jesus, King Arthur, and among some, JFK), particularly after his widely publicized ranking battle in 2010 featuring a replica of the Glastonbury mech from Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly, and a large explosion destroying the upper levels of the Pizza Batt Tower (and visible as far away as Tijuana).

After increased Heaven Smile activity in 2011, the attacks drastically decreased toward the end of the year, as peacekeeping forces finally manage to make headway. The threat of global war increases, with the suggestion that tensions are on the rise between the United States and Japan. Until a cause can be found, however, these are still regarded as rumors.

The year is now 2012. The New Agers say the apocalypse might be coming, and they very well may be right.

A Slightly More Detailed History of the World

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