Fourside, NJ

Bustling Fourside is an East Coast metropolis to rival New York City. The county seat of Eagleland County, New Jersey, Fourside is a definite economic center of the state and the country.

A corruption scandal featuring real estate mogul and then-mayor Geldegarde Monotoli brought negative attention to the city. However, in a surprising move, Monotoli renounced his post, and an emergency election returned former mayor Enrich Flavor to his post. Persistent rumor suggests that the The Chosen Four was involved, though this seems highly unlikely.

Since then, Fourside suffered a sharp decrease in crime, at least until the mid-2000s. Though the cause is unknown, rumor suggests that a new crime syndicate has filled the power vacuum left by Monotoli’s renunciation. If this is true, the street rumors suggest that this new syndicate has all the old fixers and organizers under the old Monotoli regime on its payroll. Furthermore, this syndicate is run by one man: Gaspard St. Luc.

Whatever the case, “the Big Banana” is a good place to live, even if it is derided by some as “New York lite.”

It may also be notable that Fourside is depicted in the campaign banner, just on top of the page. That helipad is the helipad atop the old Monotoli Building. Glance at it again. We’ll wait.

For further information, why not investigate the Fourside page on the EarthBound wiki?

Notable Places

The Monotoli Building

Jackie’s CafĂ©

The Warehouse

Pamela Durnin’s Office

Ricky’s Eatery

Sutekiko’s Apartment

Fourside, NJ

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