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World Pulse Remix: An Introduction

World Pulse Remix is a near-future RPG set in the aftermath of the video games (or video game series) Earthbound (by Shigesato Itoi), killer7 (by Suda 51), and No More Heroes (also by Suda 51). The events of these games form the backstory of the setting, with whatever modifications were necessary to make a coherent whole (most of the backstory for killer7 from Hand in Killer7 was ignored, for example, as it completely rewrites U.S. history).

Other elements come from Platinum Game’s MadWorld (the plot itself is not considered “canonical” in the context of World Pulse Remix). Much to my surprise, I also saw a lot of Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons as I was writing the setting — high technology, shattered dreams, and a world on the brink of war are common themes to both settings.

A Brief History of the World

The standard of living started getting better in the latter-half of the 1990s. Shit was going well, and there was some talk about world peace, international roadways, and the banning of nuclear research.

In mid-2003, the world watched in awe as the “Missile Shows” took place. Apparently, the governments of the world detonated their missiles outside of Earth’s atmosphere, causing what appeared to be some form of elaborate public fireworks display. In truth, it was a global symbol of peace.

…at least until September 11 of the same year. On September 11, a suicide bomber of the terrorist group Heaven Smile detonated himself at the signing of the World Security Treaty at the United Nations. Though the attack claimed few lives, it was obvious that the peace was over.

Since that time, Heaven Smile attacks have escalated. Targets are typically high profile (though not always), and the world governments have reinstated their security protocols. Old tensions flare as the origin of these terrorist attacks are unclear. Some people claim that Ness Montague, some child prodigy back in the nineties, might secretly be supporting the terrorists as part of a subversive, ecoterrorist agenda.

With the economy in the crapper and the world on the brink of war, the governments in the world have also opened up the old tradition of bloodsport. If you want to take out your tensions on someone, do it in the ring. If you win, you get well-paid, but if you lose, you pay the ultimate price (though you might still make enough to support a family posthumously). You can even see some of these shows if you’ve got the right premium package.

Keep in mind, also, that this abbreviated history may not exactly be what the average man on the street knows. He simply knows that things are worse than they used to be, and we might be in a war soon.

Those who want a little more information may be interested in reading a slightly more detailed history of the world.

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