Ness Montague


This is Ness as he is best remembered. A young boy from Onett, NJ, in everyone’s mind. How did he go from this to the United Nations’ most wanted? Nobody knows.

Back in the day, he saved the world. Details are scarce, but something about stopping an alien invasion with his three friends. Some details are anecdotal, but most details come from the papers of Dr. Lloyd Andonuts of Winters.

Afterwards, Ness and his friends became major proponents of world peace, and spoke several times in front of the U.N.

Then, something changed. After the Heaven Smile attack on the U.N. in 2003, Ness made his famous 2004 accusation that the United Nations was somehow complicit in the Heaven Smile attacks, that they were interfering with ongoing investigations, and that they had enlisted the aid of professional assassins (named, the shadowy “Smith Syndicate”) to take care of the problem. Following this, the United Nations found that Ness himself was in cahoots with the Heaven Smile, and called for his arrest. He has not been reliably sighted since, although Ness sightings abound to this day.

The United Nations maintains a $100,000,000 reward for his successful capture.

Ness Montague

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