The Chosen Four

This is how the world remembers them.

Young. Innocent.

A drawing from the students at Polestar Preschool, this is the Chosen Four in their finest hour. This is when they saved the world.

A lot of people don’t know the whole story. Something about an alien invasion repelled, or psychic powers discovered. All that matters is that these children gave the world hope when they needed it. And with their influence, everything seemed a whole lot brighter.

After the Heaven Smile attacked, though, everything changed. How could our hope fail us in our time of need?

What happened to our future?

The final straw came when Ness Montague accused the United Nations of hiding important information relating to the Heaven Smile. He said that they quietly supported the use of private assassins like the Smith Syndicate to enforce global security. A lot of people thought that Ness was delusional, that he was just trying to cover the fact that he and the Chosen Four could not handle the situation.

The U.N. thought differently. They discovered Ness to be in league with the Heaven Smile, and made him Public Enemy Number One. A $50,000,000 reward still rests on his head — and those in the know understand that it’s dead or alive.

Still, there are some bright spots. Paula dropped out of the public eye, but she’s still around. Jeff Andonuts now runs Andonuts Technologies, one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Prince Poo, now King of Dalaam, helped achieve his country’s independence from China in 1996.

Common rumor indicates that the Chosen Four still communicate with one another, but so far, no evidence has been found. Indeed, they have said that they had no idea of Ness Montague’s activities, and largely try to go about their business away from the shadow of their youthful activities.

The Chosen Four:

Ness Montague

Paula Polestar

Dr. Jeffrey Andonuts

King Poo of Dalaam

The Chosen Four

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