Travis Touchdown


The Crownless King.

The “No More” Hero.

The man, the myth, the legend. Santa Destroy’s most famous resident, this otaku assassin made assassins seem cool and accessible. Soon, every kid with some money, every nerd with a white belt thought he could secure his destiny as a bloodsport athlete or a soldier of fortune. Without Travis, things like SlaySpace likely would not exist, and no one would have heard of the UAA.

Travis Touchdown is highly skilled and has quite the mouth on him. The two-time champion of the UAA’s ranked fights is brash, but he has every right. Undefeated, Travis has twice left the top ranking to fade into obscurity. This is his mystique, his allure. Who rides his way to the top and then just abandons it all? Who could just walk away from that?

Since 2010, Travis has not been reliably seen. Like Ness Montague, Travis sightings abound, some of which place him in the company of former UAA organizer, Sylvia Christel. Will he return to Santa Destroy some day? Will he once again take the mantle of the Crownless King?

Travis Touchdown

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