United States Government

What is there to be said? The land of the free, the home of the brave. Baseball, mom, and apple pie. The great watchtower, set from sea to shining sea.

But is it truly so glorious as our Founding Fathers envisioned? Or does rot threaten to consume it?

In the wake of the triumph of the Chosen Four, America stood on the brink of infinity, open to limitless possibilities. The terror of the Heaven Smile changed all that. Violence grows each day as the people become restless. The old heroes are gone, with only the squabbling of thugs in the streets. Bloodsport is now accepted, not just here, but worldwide.

What will become of this land? And is the threat of war genuine?

So far, the United States government is only known by its agent, Agent Sam Murach, who acts as the liason between the government and the assassins now roaming the land. Is he the only one? Doubtful. Do other countries have similar programs? Almost assuredly…

United States Government

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